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New hot spots in St Barth

This year, the island has been abuzz with several new hotspots that promise to improve the culinary and social experiences of both locals and tourists. From beachfront dining to exclusive clubs, here are some of the new must-visit places in St Barths.

La Café in Gustavia: A youthful twist on nightlife

La Café is a lively nightspot located in the bustling port of Gustavia that has quickly become popular among young people. The venue took over from Quartier Général and offers an exciting mix of music and food where energy levels are as high as those on the menu. La Café is designed for those who love dynamic environments and want their dining experience to be festive​ (SBH Online)​.

La Guérite Plage: Mediterranean bliss by the sea

Located on the beachfront, La Guérite Plage provides a peaceful getaway that combines relaxation with fine dining. This place specializes in Mediterranean cuisine with an emphasis on fresh seafood and traditional flavors so that every dish complements its oceanic backdrop. There is also occasional live music or DJ sets which make it perfect for romantic dinners or social gatherings too. The picturesque setting is especially perfect for sunset views, making every visit memorable​ (We Love St Barths)​.

Ocean Club: Exclusivity with a view

The Ocean Club sits above luxury boutiques in Gustavia offering an exclusive haven for its members only. Not only does this club have a design by Hirsch Bedner Associates but it also boasts stunning views of the marina below it. Dining here is sophisticated under Chef Jarad McCarroll who creates dishes blending local ingredients with international finesse. The club’s location aims at bringing yacht or villa luxury right into Gustavia’s heart thus making it a great place for networking and leisure​.

Ita: A rooftop fiesta of flavors

Ita is a vibrant mix of Mexican and Peruvian cuisines located on the rooftop overlooking Gustavia’s harbor. The restaurant, themed ‘Disco Jungle,’ offers a culinary adventure led by chefs Rocco Seminara and Marco Estrada. The bold fusion of flavors here is not just about food but an entire cultural immersion, enhanced by the vibrant decor and panoramic views of the harbor, making every dining experience both a visual and gastronomical journey​.

Le Clandestin: A secretive speakeasy experience

Le Clandestin brings back the allure of speakeasies with its hidden location and Prohibition-era aesthetics. This bar is situated in what used to be 25 Quarter, has a sliding peephole, dark intimate rooms decorated in Art Deco style, as well as an inviting yet mysterious atmosphere. Live music also adds to its charm with classic tunes that resonate well with the theme of this venue. Le Clandestin is perfect for those who want an evening of understated elegance accompanied by creative cocktails​ (SBH Online)​.


These new establishments are not just additions to the vibrant scene of St Barths; they are destinations that offer different experiences for different moods and preferences. From the energetic beats at La Café to the tranquil shores of La Guérite Plage, the sophisticated ambiance of the Ocean Club, the cultural melange at Ita, and the mysterious allure of Le Clandestin, St Barts continues to evolve as a world-class destination for discerning travelers seeking luxury, comfort, and excitement.

As these venues gain popularity, they not only showcase the culinary and cultural diversity of St Barth but also underscore the island’s ongoing transformation into a hotspot for international jet-setters and epicureans alike. Whether you are in search of a lively party atmosphere, a quiet seaside meal or a hidden nightspot with a unique twist, these new hotspots in St Barth offer compelling reasons to revisit this beautiful island and discover its latest treasures.


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