Known for its superb dining scene, the tiny French island is often described as a foodie’s paradise thanks to the impressive variety and quality of its restaurants. Here, French, Créole and international flavors blend effortlessly, offering something to titillate the taste buds of even the most discerning of diners. It is no surprise then that St Barts would host a gourmet festival with distinguished chefs

Saint Barth, you have 3 main places where you can meet natural pools. In Grand-Fond, you will find a path located on the right of the beach of coral blocks (dangerous enough for swimming), leading to "Washing Machine"

The captivating island of St Barth is one of the Caribbean's top beach destinations. Ringing the island are immaculate strips of sand and ethereal turquoise waters. The shallow reefs that encircle the island help to protect these renowned beaches

The French decorator Jacques Grange realizes a new concept of interior design for all the rooms with a view of the Caribbean Sea and the public places, as the entrance and both restaurants. Jacques Grange imagined the project of decoration by being inspired by the life and by the rhythm of a holiday home by the sea