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The most beautiful views of St Barts

The spotlessly clean waters, abundant foliage and picturesque townships have made St Barts a preferred destination for tourists who crave for a tropical haven.

In this article, we will explore some of the most scenic views in St Barts and why they should be on your itinerary when you visit this paradise island.

Views of the Ocean

St Barts is an ideal location for ocean lovers as it is surrounded by a Caribbean Sea with blue sparkling waters. The beach or boat trip along the island brings about stunning visions of the sea in St. Barts.

One of the best places to look at the ocean from is Colombier Beach. This hidden beach can be reached only by boat or through a short hike, but it is worth making such sacrifices. From the crest of one of its hills, you get to enjoy panoramic views of both sides; towards the sea and inland, respectively.

Shell Beach is another place where one needs to go if he or she wants to see amazing ocean views. This small but stunningly beautiful beach boasts many shells and an astonishing view over turquoise water. For an unforgettable experience, grab a cocktail from one of those bars just next to beaches and watch as sun falls into horizon beyond the Atlantic.

Views of Islands

St Barts being hilly provides plenty opportunities to take in breath-taking vistas. One way to do this is hiking up Mount du Vitet which happens to be the highest point on St Bart’s Island where you will have 360-degree view around you.

Alternatively, go slowly up Fort Gustave – an old fort with magnificent outlooks over harbour area and city district of Gustavia below. Also, stroll through Gustavia’s cozy streets that are packed with colourful buildings offering fascinating looks at harbour scene.

Viewing Points in St Barts

The best ways to take in all that makes St Barth beautiful are by staying in a villa overlooking it all. Many luxurious villas on this island command stunning ocean, hillside and town views.

Villa Belle Bague is a popular choice because of its breath-taking views of the sea and St Martin Island nearby. The villa also boasts a large outdoor terrace and an infinity pool, which is surrounded by palm trees.

Villa La Danse des Etoiles provides intimate experiences with breathtaking sights of the ocean and surrounding hillsides. It features also a private pool as well as outside eating area for those looking for privacy.

The Best Time to Enjoy the Views

Whilst St Barts’ beauty is evident throughout the year, there are times when the best view can be enjoyed. In early morning hours you can catch sight of sun rising from its nest beyond the Atlantic Ocean while in late afternoon, one would witness twilight gently slide into twilight.

For the best sunset views, walk westward on the island from where you will have a clear view of the sun as it sinks into the ocean. Most of the beach bars and eateries in this area are situated right by the sunset that makes it perfect for romantic dinner or hanging out with friends over a cocktail.

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Taking Pictures

You will definitely want to take pictures of St Barts to keep them as memories long after your vacation is over. Regardless if you are a professional photographer or simply like taking photos using your phone, there is enough opportunity for capturing the beauty of this island.

It’s always good to be on beaches during golden hour just before sunset for great shots. The ocean and surrounding landscapes will look stunning when captured with photographs. An alternative would be booking a helicopter tour around the island so that you can get very unique angles and breathtaking overhead aerials.

St Barts is such an exquisite place whose views form part of its appeal. The place has different forms of attractive images ranging from sea sights to those fantastic ones inside islands that make up this Caribbean piece. Just pack your bags, grab your camera; let’s go see the most beautiful views in St.Barts!


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