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6 Most Beautiful Beaches in St Barth

The captivating island of St Barth is one of the Caribbean’s top beach destinations. Ringing the island are immaculate strips of sand and ethereal turquoise waters. The shallow reefs that encircle the island help to protect these renowned beaches, and they also provide excellent snorkeling and diving opportunities. For a small island, St. Barths has a wide variety of beaches, all of which are open to the public and all of which are lined with beautiful white sand. Here you’ll find the typical Caribbean resort beaches with their hotels, restaurants and watersports centers, but also some hidden strands inhabited mostly by locals, celebrities — or nobody at all.

1. Flamands Beach: Wide beach and fine hotels

Flamands, although more developed than other beaches, is beautifully scenic, its white sand accommodates the turquoise sea with a palate of blues and coastal islets as a backdrop. This beach is one of the best in calm weather and when the ocean permits, we recommend going on a stand-up paddleboard adventure and bask in the eternal summer glory this beach has to offer. This beach is backed by a few of the finest hotels of St Barth like Cheval Blanc. That luxury hospitality brand developed by LVMH Hotel Management has announced the re-opening of its property in St Barth, late 2018. Flamands offers other nice lunch or dining possibilities with the restaurant La Langouste and its fresh fish specialty. Flamands does not provide much coverage and the roadside parking lot can be limited, we do suggest coming in the early morning or late afternoon, as the sun is less aggressive during these hours. Always anticipate the appropriate sun protection, if you are planning to stay at the beach for long stretches of time, do opt for waterproof and/or higher spf sunblock, as well as sun hats or caps. Bring some Flamand’s beach escape to your home, the famous photographer, Gray Malin has captured some gorgeous aerial shot of Flamands beach.


Flamand Beach by the photographer @GrayMalin


2. Gouverneur Beach: Wild and brilliant

Gouverneur beach is one of the most sought-after beaches by visitors. The drive down to this white sand beach is quite awesome, it offers a wide scenic of the beach itself nestled between its wild cliffs and surrounded by brilliant cobalt waters. At Gouverneur Beach, scenic cliffs ring the sand, and it’s possible to catch glimpses of St. Kitts in the distance. Gouverneur is an astonishing beach for snorkeling, you may come across squids, sand dollars and on extremely clear days, the ocean floors will truly take your breath away. It is a perfect beach for picnicking with family or friends, please always keep in mind to pick up after yourselves, keeping our beaches clean is a top priority. Santa Fe restaurant that can be found on the road it makes for a great place to eat and enjoy an extensive ocean view.


Photo credits @Onestbarts


3. Shell Beach: Best sunset spot and delicious cocktails.

Shell Beach is unique on St. Barth because it’s the only major beach located “in town,” in this case in the heart of the capital city of Gustavia. The beach has calm waters and is a welcome respite after a day spent in the shops and boutiques in the city. This beach is easily accessible and offers a myriad of activities such as great snorkeling, cliff jumping and cave diving for the more experienced when the weather permits. You can also rent a sea bob with the best instructor Cyril and let yourself be effortlessly tugged along while enjoying the beauty of the underwater scenery. Shell Beach is home to one of the best beach restaurants of St Barts, the Shellona, where you can enjoy lunch, and enjoy an unbelievable sunset with cocktails, especially during the winter months.


Photo credits @Onestbarts

4. Saline Beach: The 5th best beaches in the world (CNN Travel)

Saline remains one of the more uninhabited beaches, surrounded by sand dunes adorned with Caribbean grape trees and other diverse fauna. This beach is wide and generous and offers both a “family” end to the left, along with a “nudist” end on the far right and everything else in between. Saline is a good beach to walk or jog on close to the shore, be sure to wear a sun hat or cap during mid-day hours. Shade on Saline beach is very scarce; do anticipate the correct coverage in terms of sunblock and sun hats. If you wish to have lunch while in the Saline area, there are several of some of the best restaurants on the island not too far away, including Le Grain de Sel, L’esprit de Saline and Le Tamarin.


Photo credits @Onestbarts


5. Saint Jean Beach:

The most popular beach in St Barts divided by the famous Eden Rock Hotel, perched upon the iconic peninsula, is known by two names; St Jean Beach, on the left and St Jean, Pelican Beach, on the right. St Jean, on the left, home to Pearl Beach (formerly La Plage) and its well-known bikini brunches and the renowned landing strip of the St Barts airport. There is always a dramatic landing or take off from the airport to witness. Conveniently located, you can indulge in many water sports, ranging from surfing, to stand up paddleboard, windsurfing and snorkeling. On the right side, Pelican Beach is home to the notorious Nikki Beach, a place to see and be seen, especially during the high season, known for its champagne showers and themed Sunday parties, this is a must go to beach if you are looking to have a great time with hip music and exceptional service. However, it is also one of the most ideal beaches for small children and families during the low season, as the ocean is very calm and peaceful, particularly in the spring and summer months. This beach is located in the heart of the shopping area in St Jean, where you can find dozens of boutiques surrounding the Nikki beach restaurant as well as many more further.



6. Colombier Beach: Secluded and Marine Park

This beach is a must-see, accessible only by foot or boat, this is one of the most secluded beaches on St Barths. There are two hiking trails to get to Colombier, one is at the very end of Flamands, which is the easiest of both trails, and the other descends from the top of Colombier, by the lookout point. St Barts’ most remote stretch of sand can only be reached by boat from Gustavia or via a half-hour hike. Park your car at the end of the Flamands road, and follow the trail that starts there all the way to the beach. Also known as Rockefeller beach, Colombier is far from the island’s bustling downtown with calm waters, good snorkeling and privacy. Colombier is great for snorkeling, where at times you may come across hundreds of enormous orange starfish, making your underwater sightseeing quite a memorable experience. Bring drinks and snacks if you plan to spend the day!



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