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Visit the natural pools of Saint Barthélemy

The coastal and underwater natural environment of Saint Barthélemy represents the second wealth of this small island. Corals, bio-built reefs, seagrass beds, nature reserve, beautiful beaches etc., everything is there to make you appreciate the natural marine environment at its fair value. But apart from all this, Saint Barthélemy is also one of those places that shelter these rare natural pools, often unknown by tourists. The natural pool is a rare place, often unknown because it is usually located behind rocks, over which water passes, stays for a while and goes slowly until the arrival of the next wave, which will supply the pool with water again. One of the reasons why natural pools are unknown to tourists is their rather difficult access through trails, often narrow, steep and dangerous. But now that you know it, this is a discovery and an adventure to do during your holidays in Saint Barth, and the opportunity to spend good time in the turquoise waters, calm and refreshing of these natural pools.

Where to find the natural pools of Saint Barthelemy?

In Saint Barth, you have 3 main places where you can meet natural pools. In Grand-Fond, you will find a path located on the right of the beach of coral blocks (dangerous enough for swimming), leading to “Washing Machine”. After passing the rock excavated for a hundred meters, leave the path to go down to the sea. You will find quite quickly two natural pools, the largest is more visible than the other, narrower and hidden behind the rocks red on the left. Besides that, you will also meet one in Toiny, and others located on the tip to the right of Petit Cul de Sac beach.
Finally, it should be remembered that the natural pools are not frequent if the sea is rough, not to be surprised by powerful and dangerous waves.

  • Nancy Green


    Saint Barth where have you been all my life? When I look at the pictures you’ve posted I think “this is what paradise is made of!” Thank you for this hidden gem – I love it!! It is gorgeous!

    9 May 2018

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